BeadSmith® Bob-EEZ™ No-tangle Thread Bobbin 5cm Diameter (6 tk)

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BeadSmith®️ is a well-known wholesale supplier offering wide selection of jewelry making tools and other craft supplies. Silver Dream is an official distributor of BeadSmith®️ products.
Beadsmith® No-tangle Thread Bobbins. Use multiple bobbins to secure loose ends as you create kumihimo braids! They have a patented, protective locking feature which prevents thread from unraveling. Stackable and made from soft plastic, Bob-EEZ are also great for macramé. Bob-EEZ™ also enable bead stores to spool down & re-package large spools of thread into smaller retail-friendly put-ups. The bobbins are 1-7/8" in diameter.
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MaterjalPolyolefin Elastomer