Artistic Wire® Conetastic™ Cone Mandrel Set by Sandra Lupo

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Sandra Lupo invented this ingenious tool to create custom bead cones and bead caps for strung designs, earrings, Kumihimo and more! The 3 different sizes of cone mandrels fit into the base of the tool for easy storage. To use, simply insert your desired mandrel into the base and tighten into place with the included Allen wrench. Place your wire into the insertion hole in the mandrel, hold it in place with your thumb, then gently twist the mandrel until the wire spiral reaches the top. The mandrels can also be used with the Professional Coiling Gizmo Chuck. Use the tool with a bench vise by inserting the base into the vise. Spiral a coil around a large gauge wire for an incredibly beautiful custom cone.

TootjaArtistic Wire®
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MudelArtistic Wire® Conetastic™
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